Urban outreach

This actions field includes two fundamental focuses: a first one, towards the city and the society, and a second one, directed to PoliTO’s internal community.

With regard to the first one, a strategic point of the urban outreach strategy of PoliTO is the preservation of existing facilities and buildings as well as to increase the recognition of urban places used by university users (buildings, paths, bars, study rooms etc.) and to strengthen of the sense
of belonging in the city of Turin. PoliTO’ sites are located all over the metropolitan area, offering a widespread and multi-polar system of services, which are highly interconnected and permeable with the local resources, including public and private companies and institutions of all levels. The dialogue between university and local authorities is encouraged by PoliTO’s board of directors in order to support the development of common strategies to feed local service companies and services to the city users, especially the students enrolling every year from many different countries.

In relation to the aspects outlined in the “campus settings” section, the reuse of historical building like the Valentino Castle, as well as the refurbishment of former industrial sites, like Mirafiori and Lingotto campuses, outline the importance of PoliTO in the urban valorisation of green, brownfields or restricted areas, now available to the citizens, including students, employees and local residents.

The action field directed to PoliTO’s internal community is a second important focus of Urban outreach strategy. In line with recent trends in the sustainability science, great attention is paid to quality of life and environmental responsibility of PoliTO’s campus operations.

For the PoliTO’s community, being sustainable means focusing not only on the environment but also on the welfare of those who live inside the university (students, faculty, technical – administrative employees). PoliTO develops projects to improve its employees’ recreation and physical well-being, to promote safety, health and welfare, education and awareness and equal opportunities; to provide tax assistance and cultural services, to optimize the use of public and green areas.

Finally, PoliTO believes that a major role of university in contemporary society is to make people aware of human impacts in contemporary climate change. Therefore, a vital role is played by the teaching, training and the knowledge exchange activities delivered by our academic staff, spreading sustainability culture at local, national and international levels.

In this regards, PoliTO encourages participation to the La Notte Europea dei Ricercatori (European Researchers’ Night) on the last week-end of September and many other open events inside the city.