The EcòPoli team consists of a group of students who actively interact with the Green Team, participating in initiatives and events and proposing new projects. In 2017, the Green Team of Politecnico di Torino decided to encourage the training of one or more student teams to develop the student component in synergy with the institutional objectives of improving the Campus sustainability and organized a student call for Green Storming, very first appointment in which the group was born.

Today, the team is becoming increasingly autonomous and numerous and meets periodically to carry forward project proposals related to the various areas of sustainability, also collaborating in events coordinated by the Green Team.

Are you a student interested in these issues and would you like to get involved? contact EcòPoli at:

However, EcòPoli is not the only team working inside the University and supported by the Green Team!

WeeeOpen is a group of students whose goal is to recover obsolete hardware disused by the University, dismantle the wreckage and extract the components, and then install free software so that these computers can have a new life. So far, more than 82 computers have been donated to the associations and public bodies that have requested them.