PoliTO and SDGs

The vision of development underlying the new Documento Programmatico Green Team application/pdf (19.31 MB) is already offering clear and transparent decision-making criteria for the enhancement of multidisciplinary heritage in the planning of new training initiatives and in the policies for encouraging research on SDGs.

In order to align the vision of the Green Team with respect to the objectives of sustainable development, the Turin Polytechnic wanted to start a re-reading of its outputs of teaching, research and third mission according to the 17 objectives and the related 169 goals, proposed in Agenda 2030 of the United Nations. In the context of Didactics, a significant involvement of teachers is expected to identify, for each teaching, the reference SDGs, already starting from the training offer for the academic year 2018/19. On the research context, it is planned to reread the scientific production of the last years and associate them with the SDGs. A first association will be made with automatic tools of "machine learning", to offer researchers a first hypothesis, to be verified and updated on the basis of their specific experience in the University archives.

This dual initiative (Didactics and Research) will enable the University to take ownership of the content and objectives of the Agenda 2030 and, progressively, to measure its contribution to the creation of a more sustainable society, operating respecting the resources available and setting the attention to the needs of future generations.

Introduction to SDGs application/pdf (5.57 MB)

SDG_Brochure_lq application/pdf (261.50 kB)