Giretto d'Italia-bike to work 2017

Beautiful morning! we have reached 368 cyclists!

Didactics for Sustainable Development in Italian Universities

July 10, 2017, Ca'Foscari University of Venice

The Green Team was present at this important event!


Here's the video!

Waste Mob 2017

May 24, 2017!

UniTO, PoliTO and CUS Torino have joined forces for a waste  marathon along the banks of the Po, starting from the Corso Sicilia 50 CUS and arriving at the courtyard of the Valentino Castle.

Sports, fun and environment: the perfect mix!

G7 e The University Network for Sustainable Development

June 6, 2017 Bologna, members of the Green Team have actively participated in this important event!



Sadi carnot

Theatrical performance: the song written by Kristian Fabbri and recited by the company "Onda Larsen".

In short, who has never heard of Poli's Carnot cycle, Carnot's performance, Carnot's theorem, Carnot's car? But has not the desire to figure out who this guy is so ingenious that he only discovered 28 years the 2nd Thermodynamics Principle (a quarter of a century before he discovered the 1st)?

But how was she, Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot? A library mouse, a solitary thinker in his ivory tower? A rampant young scientist aspiring to eternal glory?

Sustainability Week

PoliTo has never been so Green!


Switchmob and replacement of luminaires: “M’illumino di meno” al Politecnico at Politecnico

A hunt for lights lit up at the end of the day and the proposal for companies to take part in a joint project to verify the energy savings brought by replacing existing luminaires with LED luminaires.

These are the two initiatives proposed by the Politecnico for "M'illumino di meno", the initiative of Radio Rai Caterpillar to promote energy saving and virtuous behaviors in environmental sustainability, which has now reached its thirteenth edition.


Watch the video of the event and discover the Green Team!

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